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The goal of this page is to make your own videos using the domemasters made by stellarium360, adapt the video to your projection native resolution or change the audio to your native language.

1) domemasters to video

If you have bought a show in domemasters format or if you need to make a video from the vframes/ images of the .stellarium360/ folder, you'll need to use virtualdub to recompose the video.

File/Open video file... and choose the first image of your sequence.
Video/Frame rate... and choose 30.
Video/Compression... and choose Xvid with compression level 2 (enough for 1K vids).
Add... resize
Absolute (pixels) and put there your native resolution (if it's not the same and you need to downscale it. Upscaling is not magical so there's no use doing so...).
File/Save as AVI... and that's all (after waiting sometimes a long moment before completion).

Remark1: Video/Filters... step is not obligatory.
Remark2: If your original file is FullHD, I recommend in the "Filter:Resize" box to Letterbox/crop to size: 1080x1080. That way, it'll be fine even if you project it into an other dome with other than 16:9 format.

2) filters for cropping to circle

Except for the shows we provide, most of the Fulldome productions in video format contain annoying informations all beyond the circle of the image. You have to discard them if you don't want to have disturbing ghost shapes ruining the contrast of your video once projected through the lenses of your beamer. You then need to get rid of those counters or copyright notices. It's not violation of copyright, it's preserving the quality of the projection into the dome.

File/Open video file... and choose your video file in AVI format readable with Virtualdub (use MediaCoder to convert it into one readable format if it's not the case).
Add... logo
Logo image: choose a black image with the same size of your video (1080, 1200,1600)
[v] Enable per-pixrl alpha blending using alpha channel 
[v] Use grey channel of secondary image for alpha channel
And choose a circular image
with the same size of your video (1080, 1200,1600)
Press OK and render your video.

3) change audio

Changing audio to your native language (if you have got it from us or any other way) is easy if you follow the right steps. Not recompressing the file is essential to keep it with the same quality as the original.

Audio/Audio from other file... and choose your audio in WAV PCM 16bits 44KHz format. Don't bother asking me why not using MP3, do it that way and you'll get a good result.
Audio/Direct stream copy
Direct stream copy
File/Save as AVI... and that's all.

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