It's here to download SpaceCrafter:

Source version 2017-09-01

Data version 2017-09-01

You will need a decent computer with a Nvidia graphic card >GT400 as we use OpenGL4 shader coding.
Intel i5 and GTX750 or up preferred.

Xunbuntu installation and "planetarium" environment including SpaceCrafter :

Download Xubuntu 17.04 64 bits  ISO file here :

Burn it into a DVD and boot using it.

Reboot the machine after having extracted the DVD.

The environment installation is possible if you download

Uncompress it into /home/test/ with the file explorer (Thunar).
Open a console : (CTRL+ALT+T).
And write into...

cd install

Follow the instructions...

At the end...


Go into "additional Drivers"

And after the reboot:

Uncompress again and...
Open a console : (CTRL+ALT+T).
cd install

SpaceCrafter should launch automatically after a reboot or press ALT+F1.

© 2017 LSS OPEN PROJECT - Yves LHOUMEAU / Olivier NIVOIX / Lionel RUIZ