Click to download a fulldome video showing the possibilities of the software.

Click to see the new ability of SpaceCrafter to navigate beyond the Galaxy.

The software allows to carry out the same functions as its predecessor Stellarium360 but it has been added the following possibilities ...

For the free downloadable version:

Trace the trajectories of any heavenly object, whether on the sky or in space.

Invert the color of the sky in order to find yourself with rotating sky maps.

Plot the planetary elongations with respect to the Sun.

View the three-dimensional model of the Oort cloud.

But also...
-Radiants of main meteor showers well positioned during the year.
-Selection and deselection of constellations with the mouse/joypad.
-Display lines between stars without resorting to asterisms.
-An "illuminate" script function that allows you to differenciate stars.
-Script command for variable management and random values.
- Loop management script function.
-Halos of satellites better adjusted.
-Management of Joypads more extensive (PS2, xbox360 wired and wireless).
-Star trails.
- Positioning function for sunrise and sunset.
-Script function for saving and loading positioning...

For the pro version including add-ons (not free) :

Include rules for calculating the navigation triangle.

Include non-spherical and textured 3D objects.

Display the terrestrial magnetosphere.

Integration of 3D models with color, transparency and multi texturing.

Play videos with transparency (keycolor).

Playing rectangular videos correctly distorted.

Play VR360 videos and change the viewing angle during playback of the file with the Joypad.

Play VR360 videos in cube format and compress the field of view to see more than 180°.

Wander among the stars and display the asterisms from distant places

Model of the Galaxy.

Walk around the Joypad in Tully's catalog to find clusters and superclusters of galaxies.

And other stuff to be included in the "pro" (with add-on) version in the near future :
-Amosphere of planets.
-Planets with 3D landscape in close-up view.
-Navigate through Saturnian rings.
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