How to configure the CONFIG.INI

flag_optoma                    = false
This flag is made to be used with old beamers to forbid getting the IRIS inactive by putting a oversized moonlit sky.

autoscreen                     = true
Chose directly the best (native) resolution for the software.

fullscreen                     = true
If you want having a window border or not.

screen_h                       = 2160
screen_w                       = 3840
Change the resolution values if autoscreen is at false.

screen_h                       = 4096
screen_w                       = 4096
It can be used to get screen captures or Domemasters at the size defined. Autoscreen and fullscreen must be at false.

antialiasing                   = 8
If you use a 1600p or up projector, we recommend putting the value to 0.
If you use a 1080p or 1200p projector, 8 can be a smart value to get antialiased images

milky_way_texture              = milkyway.png
milky_way_iris_texture         = milkyway_iris.png
If  you have bad results with the milkyway when getting the atmosphere off, you can put a specific milky_way_iris_texture to fight against the Iris of your beamer. If it's ok, don't put a value to the second field.

How to configure your own Joypad

If you have a wired/wireless Xbox360 controller, all is set and usable by default.
If not, you have to set the proper values into the joypad.ini
You have to know the name of your stick and which are the buttons, hats, sticks.
More infos soon...

How to start with simple shortcuts

1) Changing the pace of time:
Use [J] (go into the past) [K] (go back to normal flow) and [L] (accelerate time) by pressing it a lot of times to have a smooth diurnal movement.

2) Star trails:
Accelerate time to go to night time and get a slow but visible movement of stars.
You can toggle off Atmosphere [Z] (or [W] on a FR keyboard) for being sure not to get sun rise.
Press CTRL+7 (not the Numpad).
You'll see startrails. Press CTRL+[7] again to toggle it off.

3) See the complete solar system ang go to Oort cloud.
SHIFT+9 : Get the sky from above
[`][F] (or [²][F] on a FR keyboard) : Exagerate the size of planets
Note that [`] is a dead key, so you have 3 seconds left to press the other key to get the proper result.
SHIFT+[F] : get the asteroids belt
WIN+[F] : get the kuiper belt objects + Pluto and its orbit
Use the Joypad to view it from different points of view (Right Stick) and zoom and get away (Lower Left and Lower Right triggers).
Get far from the sun and see the Oort cloud.
Go back to your nightsky by pressing [End] key.

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